Coffee, Coffee Coffee with Ganoderma

I usually only post fashion and my art, but this is something that I really felt like I needed to share.
Since becoming an independent distributor with Organo Gold, and not really being a coffee drinker before, I am all about drinking my coffee now. This coffee is amazing, and I'm not saying this as a sales pitch. I hadn't really been selling the coffee in the beginning, it was just sitting in a box in the corner. I thought you know what I am going to start  drinking this and not worry about it.
Once I started drinking this I began to notice things that were changing in my body. This coffee has an herb in it called "ganoderma"  which offers "many" health benefits. And since drinking this I can honestly say I have some really noticeable changes. Just from drinking this coffee.
This is my new coffee photo mug (pic of Central Park when I was there after winning a national contest with "Marie Claire" magazine) that I like to drink my coffee in most mornings. I get up early and gather some of  my projects that I need to work on, fix my organo gold gourmet coffee ( my fav is  their Black with Mocha Creamer) and out the door I go. I sit in the park and since the weather is starting to change somewhat it feels so good outside as I write my morning pages. I'm getting inspired. I'm so excited to share this because it is truly working and I am feeling good, all from this coffee.
 Do you have a coffee story you can share, I would love to hear about it, please leave your comments below. What  is your coffee break like?


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