Christian Dior Dress

My mother had this style of top that she  bought a couple of years ago, and I wore it and really liked it so I thought hey, I want another one and decided to make my own . My mom had some extra red fabric that she wasn't using so she gave it to me and then I went to the fabric store and bought the cream colored fabric to go around the bottom for the thick wide border. I was so thrilled about the way it turned out and btw my mother ended up making it, although I could but was glad that she did, she did an amazing job!!!

This necklace came from an old purse that was falling apart. I took a what I felt I could use and turned it this piece, and it's what I wear with my top (shown above). It's very chique  and really makes the top pop even more. 


  1. Very fashionable idea in regards to the top. Funny how we all have our own styles. This one looks good on you. Not so sure I could carry it off. Nice having mothers who help.

  2. Hey Cindy, Thank you so much!
    You might give this look a try, you never know, :) and yes, very thankful for my mother with all her skills...

  3. Very nice, Orean. I love the blue above as well as the one your mom made.

  4. Thanks Katrice, it's a fun and stylish look to wear...


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